About Us

Biogas Digester being fitted

About the CEO

Mr Carmichael, the CEO and founder of ECO1 BIOGASDIGESTERS. CO. LTD is passionate about the environment and ways we can improve it and community lives. He has been living and working in S.E. Asia for almost 30 years and has set himself the task of creating self-sustainable systems to create disaster resistant.

Mr Carmichael has a background in the military, as an electrical engineer, as a teacher and as a real estate agent. He enjoys the challenge of finding creative solutions to ecological problems.

About Eco1 Solutions

The company Eco1 Solutions was formed in 2015 primarily to develop a waterless toilet that the CEO, G.A. Carmichael had created and was seeking to promote.

He was asked by NBP if he could create a biogas digester that was scalable, long lasting, quick and easy to install, produced good results and was  available ‘off the shelf’. After two years of R & D, many changes and five months of field trials we finally had a product that met all of the above criteria, and are prepared to go into full production, liaising with H20, the top HDPE plastics molder / manufacturer in Cambodia.

This has all been possible with the help of SNV and GIZ. Eco1solutions have an interest in all things ecological, including, waterless toilets, affordable secure housing, gasification burners, organic compost and raised bed gardens. We see a future where communities are self-sustainable, healthy, disaster resistant and self-reliant.

We are a registered company with the Ministry of Commerce Cambodia under the title ECO1 BIOGAS DIGESTERS CO., LTD. We are currently based in Siem Reap.

We welcome any interest from NGO’s and business partners to further develop this biologically and environmentally friendly product.