Imae of the Eco1 Biogas Digester System

What is a Biogas Digester?

Benefits of a Biogas Digester

·        Converts any bio mass into organic fertilizer.

·        Biomass = any animal waste / food waste / cooking oil /rice husk/ etc

·        Converts any biomass into gas / energy for cooking or lighting

·        Saves money on not buying kerosene for cooking

·        Saves money on not buying fertilizer

·        Fertilizer can be sold to other farmers (1000 ltr creates 10,000 ltr)

·        Improves health – no more smoke from open fires causing breathing problems

·        Helps the environment – no more cutting down trees for fuel

·        Prevents health problems from animal waste just laying around

NOTE: A biogas digester works without oxygen. It heats up the contents to a very high degree, killing off almost all pathogens (bugs) and makes it safe to use on crops

We are currently working in the Siem Reap area and surrounding provinces – but plan to expand nationwide.